Tips for Minimizing Pollen Exposure in Florida During Pollen Season

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Florida’s pollen season has commenced, with airborne pollen from oaks, junipers, and nettles expected to peak between March and mid-April.

Here are some recommendations to minimize pollen infiltration into your home during Florida’s pollen season:

  1. Monitor the daily pollen count.
  2. Avoid outdoor activities in the early morning.
  3. Schedule outdoor endeavors for the late afternoon, evening, or after rainfall.
  4. Remove shoes outside or utilize a doormat for wiping feet.
  5. Maintain cool indoor temperatures.
  6. Keep windows closed and use air conditioning.
  7. Employ high-efficiency filters.
  8. Ensure cleanliness and minimize dust indoors.
  9. Wear a mask when outdoors.
  10. Change clothes or shower after outdoor excursions.

Please note that this information is provided for educational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice or diagnosis.

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